Install Me and Save up to 70% on Amazon EU

Obeprix - Install & Save

Compare any product on Amazon, across all countries in the European Union, and buy with discounts of up to 70%!



Chrome Extension To Save On amazon Just Install And Save


  • What is Obeprix?

    Do you live in Europe and use Amazon for shopping? We have created the Obeprix extension that compares any product across all European countries and lists directly on Amazons product page the prices where it can be purchased up to 50% cheaper!

  • What is Obeprix?

    Use Obeprix to save money with every purchase on Amazon. It’s Free!

  • How to use it?

    Simply install the extension and find the needed product on Amazon. On the page of the selected product you will see on the right side the list with different countries and prices. Just select the cheapest price on click Buy now to be redirected to the product page with the cheapest price and order it as usual. Done!

  • Safety?

    Obeprix is a safe extension that only displays the links to same product in every European country on Amazon. No authorization or downloads required! Simply install and enjoy!